Good day mate!

Hi everyone. Welcome to my website! Thank you for stopping by.

We celebrate femininity and devour in a fun filled and a happy lifestyle! So if you are looking to add that magical sparkle and inspirations in your life, or for those who love eating and travelling please stay tuned!

Be updated with the latest reviews for all you ladies and those feminine at heart on amazing beauty products and skin care, groovy places to chill and dine, yummy treats, where to for the next getaway one day trip in Sydney and for that special treasured most love books to read on a lazy afternoon down by the beach.

All images are taken by myself and all content is written by me, Chantelle Suwanasilp. An Australian blogger who enjoys all things feminine and trendy and absolutely in love with makeup and fashion, while desserts and getting out and about are also a must for me when I have time on the side to spoil myself.

As of right now I am based in Sydney and loving Sydney but I grew up in Brisbane and if any of you love traveling to Asia I do have some cool places to recommend for you as well. Comment and email me anytime if you have any questions you like to know and please subscribe for notifications on new blog posts. Promising you a fun, informative and enticing read for sure!

Lastly please bare with me as I get settle in, superliciously excited, and just simply enjoy the blog guys. Let our magically fun filled journey begins! 🙂

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