Best and most favourite nude pink lipsticks!

Thinking about purchasing yourself a new affordable nude pink lipstick? Look no further. I’ve got four beautiful pinky nudes and soft muted pink lipsticks that I truly adore and loved. One from Maybelline called Tantalizing Taupe, one from Rimmel, Kate collection in the shade number 45, one latest and newest purchase from Urban Decay 100 shades of Vice collection that just recently launched called Naked, and one from Colourpop the most pigmented pink called Bound.


These four are a must have in my opinion if you’re into pink lipsticks like myself. I purchased all myself and why not they are just the most creamy, beautiful, stunning pink hues that feels good quality and better yet at a price not too high for us young girls or for anyone looking to purchase something not relatively high.

Because really, we just paying more for the amazing brand and better packaging, which oh yes we love! And already am looking to purchase Charlotte Tilbury, Tomford and Dolce and Gabbana lipsticks if I can find a way for them to be shipped to Australia, (the shipping is extremely high). I just heard so much good reviews on them and just couldn’t wait to try them out.


However, I would say that these four are just absolutely incredible in terms of it’s formulas and the cheaper priced tag. Urban Decay would be the more luxury brand and it is not sold at a drugstore price, and does costs around double more than the other three brands but it is not as expensive as other high end luxury brands, the ones I previously mentioned, hence it is very affordable still I would have to say. The colour is a tad darker than the Maybelliner and Rimmel one, which these two are more like my lips but better shades, with the Maybelline being more nude than the Rimmel one which has a little bit more of a pink tone, as the Urban Decay is a dusty darker pink colour but since I’ve purchased it I cannot put it down and been wearing it non stop everyday now. It is just my most favourite colour lipstick to wear ever!

Furthermore, I would have to say they’re all very pigmented and very comfortable to wear. I would suggests though to wear with a lipliner to make your lips look more goddess like and full. I usually tends to wear with a darker brown lipliner or a more mauve in tone, depending on which kind of look I go for and what I feel like that day.

The Colourpop lippie stick is the only one out of the three that doesn’t look like a normal lipstick shape in it’s applicator and packaging, because it is a lipstick unique to their brand and much smaller in size. Really good for people with small thin lips and you can also use the tip to line your lip at the same time while applying it, while it can be easily slipped into a purse, very sleek, and looks more like a round pen shaped. A double added bonus in that it only costs 5 USD and lasts quite a long while. Great great formula indeed!

So that’s it guys. I know this is a shorter article and not many pictures, but thank you everyone so much for stopping by. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Up next I will be updating everyone on delicious meals, best makeup products and more on travel in Sydney and maybe home decor as well since I will be moving to a new place. Super excited.

Take care guys!

With love xoxo 🙂

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