Open Kitchen – Modern Chinese Restaurant Must try!

Feel like trying something new for a change? Or are you’re into Chinese modern cuisine? Open Kitchen┬áhave just the right answer for you!




I have been here many times and is always impressed ninety percent of the time with their food quality and wonderful service. It is a new, recently open restaurant, situated right next to Macquarie Center in NSW, serving tasty modern Chinese cuisine for dinner and Yum cha style Chinese meals for lunch. While you can also choose to order a la carte for lunch as well.




In this review I just have some pictures of the ambience of the restaurant, and for the meals I have incorporated a few pictures of the food I usually like to order for dinner. I did however, tried yum cha for lunch here before, and is totally just as impressed with the food. With my most favourite being the cripsy prawn dumplings and the custard buns. Both are just superb, and are the he best yum cha dishes I have eaten in Sydney! The crispy prawn dumplings eaten with mayonnaise is so good. Very crispy with generous amount of prawns cooked to perfection. While the custard buns tastes incredible good, not too sweet and runny. I truly thoroughly enjoyed both of these dishes here for lunch.



As for the dinner I love ordering Wok prawns with salted egg yolk. It’s absolutely divine. The crunchiness of the salted crumbed with egg yolk cooked with the king prawns just goes well together. However, the consistency of this dish could be improved. Since last time I came here, I feel like they didn’t cook it together well and the prawns was really hard, very difficult to eat. Nevertheless it is spectacular in terms of it’s tastes no matter what!


Another dish that tastes very impeccable is the Dongpo Pork with bap (or bun). Extremely delicious, a little on the sweeter side but I don’t mind at all. I’m sure it will add you a few calories though if eaten alone. So better to order many dishes and share with a friend or go together with your family. Or if you choose to go alone, in which i sometimes do, one dish is more than enough, especially this one since they give you quite a generous amount of pork belly.


As for entree I had a chance to try Pork Xiao Long Bao, which tastes superb. It came with four pieces of Xiao Long bao filled with sliced mince pork and a special type of broth inside that just melts into your mouth. But be careful and make sure that if you order this dish, you must make a small hole to let the hot air inside the Xiao Long Bao out or else it will burn your mouth and eat it in the one go, after you you have let it sit and cool down for a many seconds. It is must order entree in my opinion.



Lastly this is the last dish I tried, nothing special, very classic steamed Chinese broccoli stir fried vegetables with oyster sauce, but tastes lovely and you won’t be disappointed if you feel like the original Chinese vegetables stir fried dish that are usually inclusive in the menu of any Chinese Cuisine restaurant is what you have in mind. The Chinese broccoli was very crunchy eaten together with steamed rice will make it a complementing meal together.

This is an upscale Chinese restaurant, but although the price is relatively high, it is totally worth the splurge in my opinion. So make sure to give a go next time when you feel like Chinese food or if you happens to be at Macquarie Center. There is nothing like it there and you will definitely be coming back for seconds!

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