Flawless picture perfect makeup finds breakdown!

We cannot deny that filter apps on our tablet or other high advance technologies with its main function to enhance the quality of the pictures, particularly portrait pictures of ourselves, (where I am referring to in this article) are being used by many people everyday in order to capture the so call “reality” in such a way that the audience feel the model or the person in the picture look and seems so magical yet very real!


Truly one of the key to bring to life the real image of oneself in the best way possible, particularly for us ladies is the power of makeup.

By using the right techniques and choosing the right products catered for ourselves, this will allow us to take beautiful pictures of ourselves with confidence and there will no be a need for extreme filter! Especially those selfies and close up shots we love. What I am saying is that therw will be no need for heavy retouch if you have the best tools.

To make life easier for me and making sure I still look good without the filters, here I have a few makeup products of my own personal favourite, from drugstore to high end that I find myself reaching for often or had repurchased.


These products are design to offer you maximum coverage as desire for a variety of skin types, targeted different areas of the individuals face and use before and after different makeup products. All of which I will mention later on in this article and explain for you in further details.

Yes base makeup that’s what I am referring to. These include layering down those BB creams, CC creams, foundations, concealers and powders to create a flawless canvas before adding the bronzing glow or restructuring the face by contouring and making certain areas of the face come to life with gleaming highlighters or a subtle highlight sheen. And never forget to add those pop of beautiful blush whether it’s pink, coral or deep berry colour to the cheeks.

Neverthless, you however do not need to use every makeup base products. As I have stress out, it really depends on the individual; how much coverage is needed and what problems on the face needed to be targeted.

So now let’s go through all of the ones I enjoy, why it works well for me and if it should work best for you too or what other alternatives you can choose to perfect a picture perfect photograph of your selfies.

Firstly after preping your face with the right skincare products like adding a good dose of moisturiser, and maybe using a primer if you want your makeup to last a long time thoughout the day; using a CC cream or correctors is a very important step after this. Because if you have really dark circles under the eyes, redness, veins, freckles, acne scaring or anything in particular you like to cover, a good CC cream or correctors can help hide those imperfections if you choose the right colour for each specific area before you layer over the top with a good foundation and concealers.

This CC cream by Boujuer is great if you have tiny amounts of redness and acne scarring on your face as it will help blur it out. It is a very affordable find, offering a light weight coverage with a pleasant scent when apply. I do not recommend however if you have really deep imperfections since it will not give you the right amount of coverage you need. But for those with good skin it will give you a nice subtle radiance glow.

For people who have dark circles and often feel bothered by it like myself, I love using the ‘Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer.’ Targeted specifically for dark circles after using a good foundation all over the face. Since this one helps brighten under the eye and is very pocket friendly. A favourite among many beauty bloggers and makeup artists for many years for a very very good reason.

For foundations Maybelline and L’oreal have many lines of good affordable foundations for many skin types to choose from. Although I found that I need to use two pumps of it, because most of them are medium coverage but yet still buildable.

My most favourite at the moment is the ‘Fit me’ foundation in a dewy formula since I have combination skin, it gives a really nice dewy radiance and finish with a good coverage results that I desire.

As for the undereye concealer to extra brightened those areas in order to balance the contour we will use later, restructuring the face to add depth and dimension, a light and shading technique; I would normally always choose to go back to using the ‘Urban Decay Naked skin’ concealer. Because it is light weight, creamy and looks just beautiful when blended out with a beauty blender. It not heavy so you can use a heavy hand with it but make sure to blend it in well with a beauty doing. Also this concealer have quite a large selections of colours to choose from, although not too extensive, still however make sure though to always select a shade not many shades lighter than your skin colour or foundation or else it will look too stark white or too light making it look very unnatural. Which is not what you are aiming for if you want a flawless natural beautiful canvas to add all of the fun colours on after this.

For a concealer to hide blemishes and acne scarring and to spot conceal I recommend this one by Makeup Forever which is there orginal concealer. Although I find it does not completely make those imperfections vanish it does to extent hide it and you can layer it to add more coverage. I find it is very good as it not drying like some concealers that can be extremely drying when apply. I wouldn’t say however it is the best concealer but certainly one of the top five concealers out there.

Once you apply all your based makeup products you need to set it all in place, particularly if you have oily skin. People with extremely dry skin may not need to use a powder however I choose to use the ‘Hello Flawless’ powder by Benefit all over the face, focusing on my T zone since I have combination skin to set all of my base makeup in place. With also the translucent powder by Laura Mercier under the eyes to stop it from creasing and leave my under eye makeup stay put throughout the day. This one will not add further coverage and make it look cakey. So I am super in love and enjoys using it. It is a finely milled powder that feels super soft on the skin.

The Benefit powder is also excellent adding a tiny bit further coverage, making your skin looks smooth and beautiful. However the downside of it is that you will need to retouch your make up with it throughout the day, after a few hours before taking pictures if you choose to don’t take pictures straight away after your makeup is done.

So those are the breakdown of the products I use to create a flawless face layering each one a few time as required and the explainations for choosing to do so. I hope you find it helpful and give it a try if you have combination skin like myself and some of these products also works well with people who have dry skin.

All in all, I still however believe taking good personal care of your skin and health is still very crucial, to boost those radiance, confidence and liveliness behind those lenses, in which just normal filter cannot be able to achieve. But finding the right makeup that suits your skin type and assists you with the perfect amount of coverage will make you look and feel gorgeous without needing to overdo the filters!

I know it is quite long but I do hope you find it informative and helpful in some way. 🙂

With love. xoxo

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