Makeup Geek Blushes – New compact packaging

Hi all lovely ladies,

Yes, it had been sometimes since my last blog post and I am dearly sorry for not updating new articles for you all to enjoy lately! Please accept my apologies but I am back and I have not forgotten to take note of the best makeup products I have encountered and love using up till now. Stay tuned guys 🙂

In addition to all the yummy eats I have been enjoying lately, where I am and will surely blogged about it all very very soon! ❤

As you have become aware from the title and feature image of this article, I like to draw your attention to Makeup Geek Cosmetics once more. After I had initially wrote about some of my most used and favorite eyeshadow colors in one of my previous posts; I am now sharing a special review on their cheek blushes that I’ve purchased, all tried and tested for a while now.

The formula of these blushes are wonderful, very pigmented and extremely long lasting! I am very impressed. For days where you like to make sure you’ll still have that bit of color left on your cheek, even though you have applied it for many hours, these blushes are a go to for me.

They have many selection of shades to choose from, now sold separately in easy sleek compact silver metallic cases and very very light, a plus for traveling. Or you can also buy them in a separate pan to put in your z palette as well. (Reference to know more about the z palette please check out the previous blog post on Makeup Geek eyeshadows).


A slight disappointment for me is the colors I’ve picked up, which two of the colors I find tend to suits more towards a very lighter skin tone while one of the deeper color does not suit a light or a medium skin toned ladies I do so believe. As I have medium skin tone my favourite and the only colour I used most of the time is ‘Valentine.’ An extremely pretty cool tone pink that’s not too overwhelming and goes well with many eye looks and lip colour.


I suggests that for all of the colours though you will really need to use a light hand, tap the product up into the brush then apply on to the apple of the cheeks and then upwards and add more if needed so as to get the right amount on the cheeks because the colour is insanely pigmented!

‘Spellbound’ and ‘Main Squeeze’ are beautiful shades of peachy pink. Spellbound has a little bit more of that baby pink tone in comparison to Main Squeeze. These two shades will definitely look marvelous on white lighter skin girls while ‘Love Letter’ will look stunning on deeper skin tone ladies to go with a cool tone makeup look.




As for the priced point these are very affordable and will lasts you forever because you only need to apply the tiniest amount.

If you are after a new blush, do purchased one to try especially if you are currently living in the States, although they do shipped worldwide as well and don’t forget to take a look at some of their eyeshadows too they are super wonderful, well priced and just perfect!

Hopefully this review is helpful and informative, if you are not too fond of the colours or would like to see other alternatives I will be doing a small personal blush collection blog posts in the future also 🙂 But I do hope you read more about Makeup Geek or visit their online store to take a look because they are really lovely, good quality and not too expensive.

Thank you for stopping by. With love see you in my next article.

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