Where to for pancakes – Sydney

Four places for the best pancakes in Sydney.

Recently I’ve discovered many tasty pancakes or so called hotcakes from many well known cafes and restaurant in Sydney. What I find intriguing and absolutely worth blogging about is not only how amazingly good they are (super tasty and exceptionally beautiful pancakes or hotcakes), which is one of the favorites or best main dish often prepared for locals and tourists alike; but also how different they all are in terms of texture, with some slight similarities if so at all. Yet they are all very superb and distinctive pancakes/hotcakes in their own right.

Firstly let me introduced the well known fluffy pancakes by the famous chain restaurant, Bills; an internationally well known cafe/restaurant with many branches successfully operating across the world. Three stores already up and running successfully in New South Whales and is amongst the local favourite here in Sydney. The locations of these three branches include: Bondi, Darlinghurst and Surry Hills.


I thoroughly enjoyed the pancakes here. What makes it known for being so fluffy is the fact that it is very soft, not flaky or hard but soft and beautiful in texture once you tasted it. I went to the branch in Darlinghurst which was surprisingly quite disappointing in the sense that it is very small and crowded and it took quite a long time to be prepared. However, because it tastes so good, it is exceptionally well worth it!

I definitely will try out the one at Bondi or Surry Hills, which is actually much bigger and has more open space in terms of it’s ambience. It would definitely be more comfortable and I recommend to go to these other two branches for you to try out the legendary pancake. 

Pancakes on The Rocks is also another well known restaurant serving delicious pancakes among many other choices. The good side is that they have two branches, one at Harbourside Shopping Center in Darling Harbour and the original one at The Rocks on Hickson road, which is open twenty four hours a day everyday and in the contrast to Bills it has more of a restaurant family dining atmosphere with lots of tables rather than a modern chic style cafe ambience.


I would have to say though, however, I do love the pancakes from Bills a little more because I found the syrup dressing here to be very sweet yet the pancakes is soft and beautiful in texture similar to Bills, definitely not as fluffy like and distinctive, much more commonly what you would expect pancakes to be. Not surprisingly with that in mind they do sell their own pancake mix to be prepared and make at home as well.

However the pancake menu here is very convenient and versatile. You can choose to add ice cream and many topics and different sauce and dressing for the pancakes and also depending on what you prefer as many stacks of pancakes you wished to order as well. Side note I found that it tastes much better and superb with the ice cream on top though as it toned down the sweetness of the syrup dressing. Here I think it is definitely awesome, with so many options for the customers to choose from and the fact that it opens long hours everyday. Totally recommend it if you’re hungry late at night or feel like delicious pancakes with ice cream.


Head down to Glebe and you will find an amazing book store cafe called Sappho Book & Cafe that feels so homely and enticing. A must check out place if you happened to be at central station, have a few hours spare and don’t know where to go. Take a bus for only a few minutes or choose to walk for that fun quick stroll up to Glebe area and you fell in love with this lovely, amazing area with such unique character.

Here I’ve tasted their Nutella pancake which tastes absolutely yummy. It didn’t took me long to finish the two small pancakes that tastes so heavenly. Chocolate lover will definitely enjoy this and I love how the pancake is quite chewy, very different from Bills and Pancake on The Rocks and really there is just nothing bad to say about it. The service was good and didn’t take too long to be prepared. I thoroughly had a good time and enjoy this one very much.


Near Oxford road towards Surry Hills, Chez Sun cafe is another must eat place you do not want to missed. The whole place is lay with timber floors, looks very warm and cosy, beautifully decorated with many gorgeous adornments. Now that it is soon to be Christmas, the entire place looks very festive and just lovely.

The cafe does open quite early in the morning and offer a variety of decadent, beautiful, decorative and extensive cake menu as well as a many savoury dishes and on some evenings they now do open up for dinner as well. But the one thing I will assure you do not go home without trying it if you enjoy hotcakes is their hotcake menu! It is just plain divine, so heavenly and so different. I have never tasted something yet so pleasant and simply one of the most enjoyable and sophisticated sweet treat ever. Out of all the hotcakes this one is worth the travel to Surry Hills. The Syrup dressing that comes with it is not too sweet, paired the soft fluffy pancakes with the delicious cream and seasonal mixed fruits like mangoes, strawberries, sweet pear and sweet berries makes it truly beyond amazing.

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