Let’s be merry and bright!

To all my followers and those new on my website and to all my audience who stop by and give me all the love and support, I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a joyous happy holiday as we’re fast approaching the new awesome year of 2017, where new adventures and opportunities awaits!

Thank you for all your patience and understanding as many of my blog posts on beauty and articles or delicious eats and where to travel and whats worth doing and checking out had been delayed and not as often regularly updated as can be. I am still settling in but promise you guys all great content, beautiful imagery that is very true, honest opinions and great feeds for awesome updates and things you should not miss out!

Rounding up the year of 2016 and in january 2017 I will be publishing articles on my take on beauty and makeup that’ve been enjoying including particular products and tutorial looks as well as where to eat and travel all around Sydney that you might like to explore, tastes and try so do please stay tuned and definitely more and more interesting articles coming up next year on my website 🙂

profile pic me1.jpg

Thank you so so much! love you all! lots of holiday cheers and do take care everyone!!  see you all soon in my next post!! 😀 ❤

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