Best Beauty products of 2016 – Review and swatches

Hi guys welcome to 2017 yayyy!

So this blog post is dedicated to let all you guys know what beauty products of 2016 were the bomb! Yep truly the bomb that I have tried, tested and fell in love with throughout parts of last year and still am.

These are all new discoveries and my personal top favourite beauty products of 2016. I will only go in details about the true standout products that I cannot put down although there were a number of favourite products I love using but let’s get real it can be very much replaced.

I might have mentioned some of the products in my previous articles on the makeup tutorial and the makeup product review, so check them out there too if you are interested for more details there as well.


For most used, most love eyeshadows I must must give it up to my customized Makeup Geek eyeshadows (some Morphe eyeshadows) and my Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette as they are legitmately some of the best eyeshadows out there and definitely worth all the bang for your buck.

I will not go in much details for my customised palette as I have a whole post written about it and also used them in my makeup tutorial as well, but truly for the price you can’t find anything better! Makeup Geek eyeshadows and Morphe eyeshadows are extremely incredible! The colour selections are amazing, so many beautiful neutral brown tones, as well as pop of deep wine colour and purply shades and gorgeous mauve, pink and sunset tones. Check out the other posts for my favourite recommended shades and see how they apply on my tutorial article.


As for the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette, not only is the packaging the most adorable beautiful eyeshadow palette you can get your hands on from Too Faced the shadows are very wearable and blendable. It has pop of pink colours and I even used one of the lighter shade to highlight them cheekbones! It’s that intense 😀 The shimmering shades are also gorgeous. It’s the palette I always go for if I happened not to be using my Makeup Geek eyeshadows and I know I don’t need anything else to complete my eye look, because I have all the mattes and the shimmering lid shade to last me quite a long time as the pans are real generous in size as well! Really recommend this one if you happened to be looking for a new eyeshadow palette, and they also have other series of the Chocolate palette for you to choose from as well so check it out if you love your neutrals and some pops of colours.


The Vanishing foundation stick by Hourglass is hands down my favourite foundation of the year! It did came out later in the year but it’s the foundation I can not stop using because it’s real easy to work with, very nice, blendable and buildable coverage that looks flawless! It’s truly the best foundation on the market right now!


This contour shade in Paloma by Nars is just beautiful to used on the side of my cheeks and other perimeters to shade the face and on sides of my nose as well that I am hardcore reaching for it everyday since I got it if i need that dark contour look. I got it as a gift from my sister and I adore it very much! You can noticed from how much usage I got out of it that there’s not much left to go. Love love love it dearly for that structured look.


As for the lips I’ve gone through trying out so many lip products and is still am to an extent a lip junkie but nothing beats this three top shades that looks stunning on my pout and feels great on the lips. One of them is Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid lipstick in which Times Square is my ride or die hardcore go to in 2016 when I feel i want a dark lip. It has that slight tone of brown but also a hint of pink that makes it look feminine yet you are rocking out a bold dark lip, and because of its runny watery consistency it doesn’t feel too drying like other liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried. Belle by Nude Stick and Tonkin by Nars are my most favourite everyday shade for work or for play that I know will look stunning on me because its a deep pinky reddish colour that suits me and will bring me life even though I hardly have makeup on for whatever reason that day. It is such a lovely colour, so sophisticated, very similar in tone and are both mattes! The formula are very nice and comfortable, smooth creamy matte particular the Nudestix one. I highly recommend you checking out Nudestix if you haven’t already try this brand because its phenomenal. If you need a formal beautiful colour for work and to mattify your lips for your weekends out Nars Tokin is a must have also. It’s extremely long wearing and just gorgeous on the lips.


My only brow product I have been using for many months now and haven’t even run out yet that totally replaced my Anastasia Brow Wiz is the new Goof Proof Brow Pencil by Benefit in number 3. It’s super easy to apply, the colour matches me perfectly and it is just one of the most loved beauty products of 2016 and is still going strong.

So that’s a wrap for the most standout and favourite beauty products of 2016. No joke these are probably my ride or die products also as I haven’t done the tag and of course its not in all categories as I have yet still searching for the best of the best beauty products in other categories i haven’t mentioned, which I surely will try out this year and maybe I will find it and that will be my ride or die. Will update it again soon for sure!

Thank you for staying tuned and if you’re wanting some travel inspiration in Sydney my next blog post will be on some sightseeing and eating in Sydney that I really enjoyed so please keep that in mind and also some new makeup product line I ,will be testing out and reviewing them very very soon!

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