Best yakiniku NYC and Bangkok

Hi everyone!! 🙂

Today I am back with two of the very, very best restaurants review that I have a lot of good things to say and definitely looking forward to going back there again in the near future!

Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of pictures in this article but everything is tried and true. If you would like to check out these places for more pictures, please head to their social media accounts which I will include for you guys 🙂

FUTAGO YAKINIKU NYC, 5th and 6th Avenue > futago.usa (Instagram)

Futago Yakiniku NYC branch is one of the most high quality restaurants that offers outstanding service and exceptionally delicious  Japanese Yakiniku with flavours that is very hard to beat in my opinion.

I enjoyed luncheon here very much and cannot recommend enough if you happened to be in NYC and looking for a simple yet fancy place to have an Japanese meal or a Yakiniku style bbq.


I ordered spicy pork Yakiniku bento box. This is available during lunch time on weekdays when I was there in July 2017. They had the Teishoku boxes as their lunch time special promotion happening then.

As per there social media, they are still advertising it and from the information you can also order Teishoku boxes (bento box) on Saturday during lunch time as well! I highly recommend it as it is very affordable and extremely filling with other delicious options included in the meal.

We also ordered wagyu beef which is a premium option on the menu in our opinion, and it is quite pricey. The portion is very small compared to the Teishoku boxes and the price is three times the cost for the spicy pork bento box.

Nevertheless it is also very tasty and since its wagyu beef it is somewhat justified for the price and it also included a tiny portion of sea orchin as well. If you like sea orchin this might be for you, although I do not particularly enjoy sea orchin.

The quality of their meat is extremely exceptional, very soft and the taste of the sauces they used is incomparable.

TETSU Bangkok, Central Embassy > @tetsu.embassy (Facebook)

TETSU is another high-end restaurant that does superb Japanese Yakiniku style bbq wih added selection of other Japanese dishes on the menu.

The branch is located at Central Embassy in Bangkok. This restaurant is extremely popular and the price is relatively high.

Still you have many choices of meat to choose from and this can help with your budget.

However their wagyu beef sprinkled with salt is divine and you do not want to missed it for the world. It just melts in your mouth, almost literally as it is so soft.

The down side is that the portion is very small yet you are paying already very high price for this wagyu beef. And with that means you are not full.

I recommend ordering other dishes as well like their appetisers which is also really nice and different like their hot chilli spicy edamame.

Hope you find this article interesting and as it is drawing very near to the end of the year 2017, I will be doing favourites from this year and special content dedicating to the festive vibes!! So stay tuned guys ❤

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